International Women’s Day

I am great at communicating.

I’m great at science and football.

Doing what is right, not what is easy.

I am great with numbers, with listening.

I am only nine years old but I am good at standing up for the girls at school.

I am a great mom, teacher, sister, friend.

The strengths above are just some of the empowering and honest answers we received on International Women’s Day, when we stuck a shiny badass mirror to the outside of our design studio and curiously enticed our community in bright red lipstick type into answering the following question:


What is one thing you are great at?


Although there will be a handful of people who will shrug their shoulders, scoff, and say ‘just one thing,’ the vast majority of us struggle to name even one, and that’s why we decided on this installation.

As women, we are often far too humble about what we are great at, which really is ridiculous. We need to speak up and have the confidence to talk about what makes us brilliant. It was such a privilege to sneakily watch people wander past the mirror, stop in contemplation, and then write their truth. It was especially cool to see children and teenagers embracing this idea. 

Alongside encouraging people to take a positive look in the mirror we also asked that people email us through their strengths accompanied by a photo, take a look at some of the uplifting (and adorable) responses we received: 



We also received some brilliant feedback and comments from those who took part: 

“Couldn’t love this harder if I tried’ 

“We love seeing women celebrated. We all have superpowers”

“This is so clever, can’t wait to come down, you guys are F*n great”

“Massively inspiring, these are such great truths”

“This is so brilliant, as women we should do this every day”

This year’s acknowledgment of International Women’s Day was simply a manifestation of what we strive to do every day: celebrating the remarkable achievements, resilience, and boundless potential of women. Here’s to them, here’s to us, and here’s to you.