Valentine’s Day Guerilla Marketing Style

If you received an anonymous Valentine’s Day card, slipped under your door in the dead of night with nothing more than a QR code and a cheeky red lipstick stain, would you scan it? And then, upon scanning it and discovering an invitation to a Valentine’s Day event, would you go?

No, this isn’t an episode of Bumble dates gone bad! This is an example of stellar guerrilla marketing by the one and only Idyllic, the best marketing agency in New Plymouth (yes, that’s us).

This year for Valentine’s Day, we wanted not only to open our doors and spend time getting to know the businesses in our community, but to do it in a way that would establish relationships and create opportunities to work together. We delivered (with stealth and style, of course), 150 cards with unique QR codes designed on them. This resulted in 260 scans. Unconventional? Yes. Surprising and creative? Yes. That’s what makes guerrilla marketing so effective and memorable. It grabs attention, creates a buzz, and is exactly the kind of thing we are known for.

If you want to read more about our romantic marketing stunt that went viral all over the internet, you can read it here.