Wanted: Lost balloon boobie!

Wanted: Lost balloon boobie! May be slightly deflated, last seen flying down Devon Street!

When one arrives at work on a cloudy Wednesday morning the last thing she expects to-do (even working for Idyllic) is to stare intently at her colleague’s breasts and decide how big to blow up their boobie balloon counterparts. This however is exactly what Josie (who turned up late to the planning meeting) found herself doing. All in the hopes to raise some publicity and some money for Breast Cancer Awareness and their event Pink Ribbon Breakfast. 

Alongside blowing up life size balloon boobies and sticking them to life size posters of ourselves. We designed and printed some 90’s styled T-shirts and sold these as part of our fundraising campaign. The T-shirts were cleverly embroidered with numbers spelling out boobies, inspired by all the cool kids who used to type the numbers 8008135 out on a calculator, turn it upside down and then wet themselves laughing at seeing the word boobies on the tiny screen (come on we all did it).


We also held an intimate pink ribbon morning tea with some well… questionable additions. Pink milk and pink cereal, lamingtons, cake, beetroot hummus, pink salmon (only teasing), watermelon, strawberries, marshmallows and pink mimosas! 

The response we got from our community and beyond was uplifting (wink), so much so that we had to order a second run. In total, we raised $900 and although we had a lot of fun doing it we also recognised and continue to recognise the hardship that comes with breast cancer, so for all those with boobies, no boobies, boobies with battle scares and for all those who have ever lost one with boobies, we wear our T-shirts in solidarity and in a bid to raise awareness not just on pink ribbon day but every day.