Why Bespoke websites get us hot and heavy

Let’s face it, building a website can be overwhelming, comparing proposals, and trying to understand who is the right fit for your business. This is so important because making the wrong decision is the difference between how well your website converts and how many sales you make.

Nowadays it’s not enough to simply “have a website”, it’s about having a website that best communicates your value, excites your customers and makes them choose you over anyone else.

Trust me, you can have the best marketing campaigns in the world, but if you lead them to a website that leaves them feeling flat, then you’ve wasted all that money and effort.

So, to get that website of your dreams, we truly believe you’re more likely to achieve that with a bespoke website.

What are the advantages of a bespoke website vs a template one?

The Design

Your brand should catch all the feels on your website. This is difficult with a template website because you are picking up your brand and shoving it into someone else’s design – ouch! This is always going to feel like you’re coming up short. Having a bespoke website means that right from the start your brand is the centre stage of the design and inspires the direction.

Communicating your content

Your messaging is sooo important on your website, this is what gives your customers the warm fuzzys, it tells the story of your brand and helps them understand your point of difference and the quality you offer. With a bespoke design, you can visually make this content sing in a way that helps people understand quickly. You only have a couple of seconds (or less) for your website visitor to decide if you’re the right fit for them, you need your content to be super clear in your design.

Template websites can be restrictive.

Our biggest frustrations with template websites and basically the main reason why we will always recommend bespoke is they are so restrictive for what you can do.

You will start to notice quickly that with a template website there are requests you have that simply can’t be done. Compare this to a bespoke website and well, the world is your oyster – there is nothing we can’t achieve together.

Future growth of your website.

If you have big plans in your business (and we hope you do!), this can play a huge part of deciding whether or not to go with a bespoke option. The beauty of bespoke is that your foundation is laid, and adding more functionality to your website in the future is easy-peasy, with a template, not so much. The more and more you keep adding to a template the more tired and heavy it gets – it loads slower, you are hacking things in there and well, it turns into a bit of a Frankenstein. Do it right the first time or you’ll be back to rebuild your website again a year or two later!

Better SEO with bespoke

Yep, you betcha, bespoke is going to make your whole SEO so much easier. Crafted perfectly to take into consideration how google will read your website is so important so you aren’t retrofitting your SEO at a big price tag later down the line.

Avoid the cowboys

If an agency is offering bespoke coded solutions and has a web developer on the team, you are more likely to be in safer hands, this means if anything comes up with your website they know what they are doing. Anyone with a laptop these days is a “website designer” but that doesn’t mean they have the right experience to make sure your website is properly secure, well managed and can help you with future upgrades.

Lead Generation and ROI

So, after all that rambling let’s just get to the main point, the reason you want your flash new website is for sales – right?

With a bespoke website and careful consideration of your user experience, it’s just going to perform better than a template one. Your audience doesn’t have the patience any more (gone are the days of happily waiting for dial-up internet). If your website isn’t drawing them in or if it offers the smallest frustration they could be bouncing off your website in an instant.

Bespoke websites mean we cater for all of this and make sure your experience is seamless from start to finish.

Remember, your website is often the first touch point for your potential new customers, it’s the digital hub of everything you do online, you want it to be making your clients infatuated with you, something that you just won’t achieve as well with a templated website.